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Sorry I didn't get to post about FWA! It's a bit too late to chat about specifics, but I did very well in the Artist Alley and the Art Show and met all kinds of folks I previously only admired online! 

However, last weekend was AnthrOhio! I had a great show there and furry cons have so far been the only events I've been able to make my financial goals! 

My table at AnthrOhio!

My table at AnthrOhio!

I was able to get out some of my new candles which were pretty well received and I was also able to make badges which is no joke my fav part of doing furry conventions so far! Saw a lot of great suits and sat across from the guest of honor That's Furred Up who is a really great fursuit maker! I stayed with and sat next to my friends Kit Vasey (sleepersharks) and Kris Starlein (KingGuro) and saw con buddies Naomi and Noemi Romero (yowulf) and all their great work! Met up with Dan (Vander) again as well and got to chat with him a bit more than when we met at FWA. 

I'm very excited to sign up again for it next year, next up is AnthroCon!