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Blog Format Update and Events

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So! I've decided I'd like to make a blog post after every event I do to summarize it this year from here on out. Apologies for not being able to do that at all my events so far, but I have LOTS coming up and I'll do my best to put those up here!

Also, at the end of every post I'll be updating my events schedule if necessary so there's a place you can find all that information! Plus it changes so often that it'll be a great way to update you folks on what's updated.

I'm currently planning for Furry Weekend Atlanta right now and will be writing about it when I come home in early April, but here's my upcoming events for the rest of the year that are currently planned:

March 31-April 3, 2016 - Furry Weekend Atlanta - Atlanta, GA - Artist Alley (Depends on Availability) - All Day/Variable

April 23 - Indianapolis Zoo Naturally Inspired Paint-Out - All day, multiple artists painting throughout the zoo

May 5-8 - Anthrohio - Columbus, OH - Dealer's Den - All weekend

May 14 - Virginia Ave Folk Fest - Fountain Square, Indianapolis, IN - All day Saturday, outdoor

May 20 - Night of the Comet - Indianapolis, IN - Live Painting, limited sale items

June 3 - TBD named Trivia/Art Night - Fountain Square Brewery - Indianapolis, IN - time TBD

June 17-19 - Indy Pop Con - Indianapolis Convention Center - Artist Alley - **NOT CONFIRMED, ON WAITING LIST**

June 30-July 3 - Anthrocon - Pittsburgh, PA - Artist Alley (Depends on Availability) - All Day/Variable

August 5 - Tinker Coffee Co. - Indianapolis, IN - First Friday/all August long 

August 13-14 - TBD Named Broad Ripple Village Association/Indianapolis Bicentennial - Outdoor Festival (Arts Section provided by Evoke Arts + Media)

August 26-28 - Indy Fur Con - Indianapolis - Dealer's Den - All Weekend

September - Horrorhound Indianapolis **NOT CONFIRMED**

September 8-11 - Hyperion - Spencer, IN - Music and Art Festival - **NOT CONFIRMED**

October 7-9 - Fur Reality - Cincinnati, OH - Dealer's Den - All Weekend **NOT CONFIRMED**

November 26 - Evoke Arts + Media Presents: Black Saturday Art Bazaar - Indianapolis, IN - All Day Saturday 

December 2 - Pussy Control II - 80's Pop Culture Show - Fountain Square Brewery - details TBD

December 1-4 - Midwest Fur Fest - Chicago, IL - **NOT CONFIRMED**