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Gosh!! An Old Blog!

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Hey folks! Sorry about the radio silence, to be perfectly honest I forgot my legit website had a blog space! Sadly I had not been able to blog about my recent experiences as they happened! If you're interested in my preparations and reactions as they happen, my Twitter and Tumblr are the best place for that! Find links for those at the bottom of any of the pages on my site. I do intend to update this blog more effectively in 2016! In fact, I'd like to get one up once a month along with my newsletter! 

Take a look at the new stuff that's just arrived on my Illustration, Personal Work, and Sketchbook pages, I got those all updated up to date. In the near future, I have a lot of events coming up that I'll try to keep posted on my website so you can plan to swing by! I'll also be updating my Storenvy to list all of my available original works and updating the blog to have that info. 

Also, if you're a part of the furry subculture, I'm also keeping my profile on FurAffinity updated ("stablercake" on FA) and have a USD commission shop on the popular online pet site Flight Rising. I also intend to be a part of multiple comic and furry conventions in the coming year which will also be listed on the events page along with my local shows.

And as always, I'm open for personal and commercial commissions so drop me a line for a quote!