• These rules apply to any designs I have created (adoptables, custom designs, etc.)
  • Once I receive payment, it's your character. Crediting me as the creator is not required, but is appreciated! (Please at least credit when posting the character's ref sheet, on their toyhouse or other character listing, and in the first post introducing your new character)
  • Feel free to draw your new character, commission art of it, use it as a fursona, make a fursuit, ect. (Absolutely love seeing new art of characters I've designed so feel free to tag me when you do!)
  • You may not claim the design as your own creation.
  • You are always required to credit me for the original artwork, please do not edit my art without permission first.
  • You are allowed to make changes to the design (i.e. markings, body type, gender, name, etc.)
  • Do not make "copies" of the character with the intention to resell for profit. (i.e. creating an alternate form and selling both, or turning it into a closed/open species to sell)
  • Both the design and artwork is for personal use only and may not be used for profit.
  • ask that you please be respectful and do not use my designs to promote violence, hatred, or discrimination. If I feel you are using my adopts/designs in a harmful way, you will be blacklisted permanently from future commissions/adoptions.
  • Once I receive payment, all sales are final. If you no longer wish to own the character you are allowed to resell it for what you paid, give it away, or trade it. (See below)


  • Reselling the adopt/design is allowed but may not be sold for higher than what the design was originally purchased for. (i.e. if you buy it for $20 it must be sold for $20 or less)
  • In special cases (i.e. a client has owned the adopt/design for years and/or has accumulated a lot of art or has physical items like badges, a fursuit, ect.) I will make an exception if it is discussed beforehand.
  • Trading or gifting the design to someone else is allowed. If you have acquired an adoptable through a trade/gift, please do not sell it for profit.



Please reference “commission” in the subject line. Expect response within 3 business days, but be aware that some of my events may delay such a process.

Other: For professional use only: DM me @stablercake on Twitter or message me @stablercake on Telegram


ToS are subject to change without notice. Revisions apply to commissions ordered after most recent revision.

Last updated: 1/7/2018